Introducing YDUA 2nd Annual Conference 2021 (Lilongwe, Malawi)

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Youth involvement in policy making is an action-oriented mechanism that incorporates young people into institutions, programs and decisions and gives them control over opportunities that impact their lives. Young people have been calling for their engagement in crucial decision making in their countries, Continent and even at the global level. Although some progress has been made to ensure that young people are engaged productively, there remains a lot to be done.

This conference is expected to host young democrat leaders and politicians from all over Africa. The conference will discuss ways for the pragmatic engagement of young people in politics and leadership. The conference will also have sessions focused on discussing centre-right ideologies and their impacts on 21st-century politicking. The conference will blend training workshops, capacity building sessions, and masterclasses, all aimed at building centre-right political parties’ resilience and, by extension, national development.

This conference is fully supported by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and hosted by the Malawian Congress Party.

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